DCI Flush System

    The DCI Flush System is great for smaller offices that are wanting to keep their handpieces clean and lubed for longer working life. The proper handpiece attachment can be ordered to match the brand of handpiece currently used in office.
    • Provides regulated and filtered air for cleaning and aiding in the lubrication of handpieces
    • Purges air & water coolant lines
    • Compact table top model
    • No foot control required
    • Adjustable air pressure w/ easy to read gauge
    • Aids in quick relubricating following autoclaving
    • Bottle collects excess lubricant
    • 35 micron filter
    • Easy to clean surfaces
    • Easy installation
    • Require

    TTBIO Care

    The TTBIO Care 100+ unit is Designed to keep handpieces flushed, lubed and ready to go for continual office operations. Ideal for busy offices in helping flush and lube handpieces quickly and efficiently.
    • Automatically cleans and maintains up to three handpieces
    • Unique chuck care system
    • Optimal lubricant coverage throughout the handpiece
    • Compressed-air connection: excess lubricant purging with special suction design
    • Automated reproducible quality of care
    • Easy spray can insertion and replacement
    • Can coupling with unique safety valve
    • Oil collection drawer for excess lubricant
    • LCD screen display
    • Is capable to run without compressed air
    • Maintain one handpiece in only 154 seconds
    • Unique drive motor design ensures the excellent clean process
    • Quickly disassemble the front door and plain surface for easy cleaning
    • Includes one can of lube with initial purchase

    Slowspeed Handpieces

    We have awesome options for Slowspeed handpieces! We have pieces and motors through MK-Dent that will keep you in happy while working on your patients. We also provide Slowspeed pieces and motors from Quality Dental and TTBIO that are an excellent low budget option and great package deals. Call us for information and Prices!
    Ask us about MK-Dent and their 4 different lines of offered handpieces! They are awesome with a sleek new style and comparable to the Kavo brand handpiece at less of a cost! They are German made and the best option to stock your office with. There are highspeed and lowspeed handpieces available with couplers and motors to choose from in order to get your business growing!
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