Lighting Systems

    There are three different light options for you to choose from to help you work. We can provide your choice a of chair mounted, ceiling mounted or track mounted light system. Let us know your preference that best suits you!

    Dental Chairs

    We can help you set up your office with fantastic looking dental chairs! The are 3 options; Wide back, Narrow back and Narrow back with slings. You can get your chair in different upholstery colors to match and personalize your office! Complement your chair with delivery units and light options to make the perfect looking chair unit for your office needs.

    Delivery Units

    Your dental chair is what you make it! There are different package options to help you and your assistant work together quickly and fluidly. We can talk to you about side mounted delivery units or swing mounted delivery units and what you want on them. There assistant delivery units as well so you don’t have to have separate delivery unit carts in the way!
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